Meter Data Management

Gather, process and store data from smart and conventional meters.

Meter Data Management

The deployment of smart meters has made vast amounts of data available for utility companies and grid operators. Gathering, processing and storing this data for longer periods of time is a challenge. Conventional systems or databases are not able to do this. The Meter Data Management system of TimeSeries has been specially designed for this purpose, using IoT and Big Data technologies at its core.

Standard features of this solution include:

  • Scalable ingestion: horizontally scalable ingestion mechanism
  • Scalable storage: horizontally scalable timeseries storage
  • Multi source: adding and combining different data sources to generate insights
  • Validation: pluggable validation process
  • Interpolation: fill in the gaps when data is missing
  • Consolidation: drill up and down in time, i.e. from 15 minute values to hourly, daily, etc.
  • Aggregation: benchmark data from consumers within their peer groups 
  • Multi site benchmarking: comparing energy usage of different locations for companies
  • Analytics: analyze incoming timeseries in real-time


Watch the video below for a demonstration of the template.

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    Meter Data Management