Injection Molding

The injection molding process is used in many industries, ranging from automotive and medical to food packaging and consumer goods. Regardless of the industry in which they are active, injection molders are faced with several challenges:

  • Margins are typically low and do not allow for inefficiencies or scrap. Any deviation from planned manufacturing processes quickly leads to financial loss.
  • Increasing liability risks in automotive, food and medical require much better control and logging of manufactured goods.
  • Vulnerable supply chains with often only one mold covering worldwide supply of specific parts: a single mold can shut down a billion dollar supply chain for quite some time.
  • Industry has highly sophisticated machinery and equipment, but data and systems are kept in silos with tremendous unused efficiency potential.

TimeSeries has extensive experience in the injection molding industry and has worked together with Siemens to implement a set of application templates which greatly reduce cost and risk. These templates leverage the Mendix low-code platform as well as MindSphere, Siemens’ IIoT platform.