Mold Setup

Multimedia mold setting guide resulting in less errors and easier transferring of molds across locations.

Mold Setup

Switching molds is a complex process which needs to be performed with great precision. The operation is typically performed by a couple of specialized employees who know exactly what to do. The impact of an erroneously performed mold change is large which makes the change procedure a risky action. Changing the production to a different location is often undesirable, because employees at the new location need to be extensively trained to use the different molds.

By using a Mold Setup app on smartphones and tablets, the procedure of change molds can be greatly simplified. The app guides employees through the process with features, such as:

  • Machine settings instructions
  • Quality Assurance data
  • Setup instructions
  • Lessons learned
  • How-to videos and photos
  • Issue reporting and resolution tools
  • Photo protocol
  • Checklist
  • Machine Operator training video
  • Machine Operator quick test
  • Multilanguage

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    Mold Setup