Production Scheduling

Automatically creating production schedules reduces the need for manual planning.

Production Scheduling

Production scheduling and production grouping in standard ERP systems are often done according to part numbers, accumulating optimal lot sizes. However, scheduling in molding processes has very different restraints. Production processes need to be grouped according to:

  • Molds and mold families
  • Resin type or color
  • Downstream automation

Since many molders include various types of information in their part numbers (such as color, packing, customer), the scheduling engines of ERP systems can not provide useful scheduling results. Therefore, about 85% of the scheduling in molding plants is still being done manually.

By using the TimeSeries Automated Planning engine production schedules can be created automatically. The engine takes molding specific business rules into account, such as inventory, required orders, deadlines, etc. The planning engine is based on Artificial Intelligence and can evaluate millions of different scenarios, which creates an optimized production schedule. Automatic production schedule creation will reduce the need for manual planners and prevent “rush deliveries”. This results in cost savings and happier customers and employees.

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    Production Scheduling