Shop Floor Management & Communication

Improve shop floor communication and workflows and reduce waiting time.

Shop Floor Management & Communication

In factories, lots of valuable personnel time as well as machine time is lost when operators are waiting. This can be, for example, waiting for Quality Assurance to assess the quality of a product in manufacturing or waiting for the right materials to use in the production process. By using a dedicated app precisely for these kinds of processes, the waiting time can significantly be reduced. 

The material handler app, for example, has the following workflow:

  • Machine Operator scans barcode of needed material at his location
  • Request is broadcasted to all material handlers, containing:
    • Type of material
    • Location of stock (from ERP)
    • Location of delivery
  • Material handler confirms the request
  • Material handler is assisted in order picking process using QR, barcode and / or RFID
  • Material handler delivers the requested materials

Optimizing this process reduces the idle time of machines as operators spend less time on waiting for the required materials.

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    Shop Floor Management & Communication