Smart Warehousing

Prevent inventory from getting lost, reduce seek times during the order picking process and ensure safe First In First Out or sequencing procedures.

Smart Warehousing

During the production process, a lot of time is being wasted on finding the right materials. The time spent during material handling can be greatly reduced by employing technologies such as RFID, barcode and QR code scanning. Using these technologies makes it very easy to keep track of the location of items across warehouses and factories.

Quality procedures often require strict compliance of First In, First Out (FIFO) or exact sequencing of deliveries for Just In Sequence (JIS) customers. With our Mendix templates, we ensure that employees follow these requirements and that JIS deliveries are 100% accurately sorted.

Both stationary and handheld RFID scanners can be used to scan multiple items in bulk. This reduces the need to manually change the location of each individual item. These RFID scanners can also be used during the order picking process to automatically validate if an order is fully picked with the appropriate items.

Integration with ERP systems ensures that the inventory administration is always up to date.

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    Smart Warehousing