Supplier or Customer Portals

Increase efficiency in the supply chain by providing real-time insights into stock, order completeness and delivery times to both suppliers and customers.

Supplier or Customer Portals

Information about core processes often resides in systems such as ERP, CRM, PLM, MES, etc. This disconnected landscape of applications leads to a lack of unified information which can be shared with both suppliers and customers.

When sharing information about stock levels, upcoming orders and real-time production information, suppliers are able to provide better service and more timely deliveries. When collaboration with suppliers is further increased, even the quality of delivered materials improves due to more eased production schedules. This will lead to less downtime of machines, less recalls and in general higher quality products. This will benefit the entire supply chain.

If customers are able to use a similar portal to access valuable information about the products they have purchased, this will lead to a more valuable relationship between molders and their customers. Quality data, assembled during the production process by IoT devices, can for example provide trust that delivered products are of the highest quality.

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    Supplier or Customer Portals