Life Sciences

If one industry is undergoing a lot of changes and pressure for results quickly, it’s the Life Sciences industry and its Medical Device, Pharma and Healthcare sectors. Not only do consumers and patients expect more transparency and better user experience from manufacturers and services providers, also the (local) government agencies and entities mandate compliance with regulations. A big trend is localization, where specific patient data needs to stay within a country. How do you deal with that localization requirement as your core systems are leveraged globally? Deployment flexibility and being able to set up microservices and apps that can be called upon from various systems in different regions play a big role in this. 

At TimeSeries, we have also seen many companies struggle with rigid back-end systems like ERP, PLM or CRM systems that are hard to adjust to meet expectations from various stakeholders. It is actually one of the most common use cases where we apply cutting edge technologies, like low-code, as a layer over multiple back-end systems to unlock the data and rapidly deliver new functionality via smart apps: 24/7 access via multiple channels.

We also have pre-built templates – that offer a quick-start on the Mendix platform. Below you  can find an overview of all templates and expertise where TimeSeries can be applied. From self-service web and mobile applications for patients and physicians to laboratory information systems extensions.