Intelligent Insight

Aggregate large amounts of data from (medical) assets, but also proactively monitor patients to create intelligent insights.

Intelligent Insight

TimeSeries sees a growing need to aggregate large amounts of data from (medical) assets, but also to proactively monitor patients to create what we call intelligent insights. Anomalies in patient data are actively detected, so direct action can be taken proactively instead of only reactively. 

24/7 patient monitoring

Use cases are for example 24/7 patient monitoring and post market surveillance. Post market surveillance is the practice of monitoring the safety of a pharmaceutical drug or medical device after it has been released on the market. It involves a big data and data mining approach with large data acquisition, i.e. patients registries, record linking and event monitoring. 

Big Data technology

Using TimeSeries Big Data technology, based on technologies such as Kafka and Cassandra, with Mendix as the app layer, data from a device can be easily collected, analyzed and made actionable. You can run comprehensive statistics and quickly find correlations in the huge amounts of data. Making the actual data actionable via alerts based on business rules, these initiatives can feed back into risk management and analysis. A medical device can be monitored real-time and predictive maintenance or fault prevention can be applied accordingly.

By leveraging Intelligent Insight for the Medical Device industry you will…

  • Get a single source of truth of large volumes of data
  • Optimize demand and supply, i.e. via predictions
  • Convert prospects to customers by analyzing consumption and offering tailor made solutions
  • Offer new business models and services, i.e. online services around physical products
  • Reduce costs via self-service elements on (mobile) applications

More information

For more information, see our cross industry Intelligent Insight template and the video below for a demonstration.

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Intelligent Insight