Self-service portal

Facilitate communication between patients and care providers on mobile and desktop.

Self-service portal

Online self-service portals and mobile apps eliminating manual processes and providing excellent customer service are at the heart of TimeSeries. We are using prebuilt building blocks in combination with the Mendix low-code platform to rapidly deliver custom physician and patient portals. An example of such a building block is a comprehensive chatbot to optimize communication and payment claims in real-time at scale. The application is HIPPA compliant, accessible for patients on both mobile and desktop and enables patients to communicate with care providers.

Use case

A typical use case for self-service portals is the (medical test) ordering process which is often a manual, error prone and costly task where our expertise makes a difference with online web and mobile portals. Features can include:

  • Physician to view and sign patients test documents
  • Patient dashboard
  • Order tests
  • Real-time results
  • Similar cases search and analysis
  • Mobile access

The end-to-end processes between patients, physicians, medical device or pharma manufacturers and suppliers are streamlined via online self-service portals and smart mobile applications. These apps often consist of a subset of standard features of functionalities that will be customized per customer. Examples of these customizations are integrations with back-end systems like ERP and CRM or extensions of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Our solution smart app (template) sits on top of these back-end data sources so the user experiences and operational activities are much higher quality at a lower cost.

Customer case

For a leading Canadian technology health claims management services firm, TimeSeries delivered a custom self-service portal web app to optimize communication between patients and health provider. In particular the application replaced a manual process of linking claims and medical drug coverages to streamline reimbursements.

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Self-service portal