Deliver prompt preliminary medical diagnosis to patients from their own homes and reduce emergency room congestion.


Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring and remote admissions.


Telehealth and Telemedicine involves many integrations with existing systems and physical products and therefore leveraging a low-code platform with the ability to use actual code for unique integrations is key. Features include:

  • Integration with PHR system: look for existing patient records based on selected unique criteria; retrieve and update existing or push a new patient into system.
  • Medical imaging/DICOM integration: link patient with studies on a PACS/VNA; allow viewing of medical imaging performed that may be helpful in consultation.
  • Integration with an existing billing system or third-party payment provider.

Use cases

An applicable use case for this solution is connecting hospitals to specialists to interpret DICOM imaging via the online world.

Another use case is a solution providing the full ultrasound assistance experience. The app streams security encoded video in real-time to a server. The Mendix app queries the server for open video rooms, which are created when the hardware opens the stream. These rooms can then be accessed through the Mendix application to show the stream to the sonographers who can render assistance to the clinic.

TimeSeries and Telehealth

TimeSeries delivered a complete telehealth solution for a leading North American medical imaging company to launch a new service to the Veterinary industry. The telemedicine portal allows for viewing and consultation of medical imaging for the veterinary medicine sector within the United States. It connects veterinary hospitals with medical imaging specialists such as radiologists, internal medicine specialists and Oncologists for interpretation of their medical imaging from DICOM modalities such as US, DX and CT.

Integration features can include a DICOM viewer integrated into the page for native experience, PCI-compliant card and ACH payment processing through Cybersource, OData for BI reporting.

A robust telemedicine solution delivers prompt preliminary medical diagnosis to patients from their own homes and reduces emergency room congestion for a hospital. Additional benefits could include: streamline check-in process while minimizing face-to-face and physical interaction, the ability to service more patients in a shorter time, streamlining physician scheduling, improving accountability and reporting.

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