One of the main trends in manufacturing is the evolution from a product to a services organization. This means organizations do not just sell a product, but become responsible for the long term success of the product they have delivered. Another trend is that new technologies such as Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning enable these organizations to become even more efficient. A more external driven challenge is the pace of change and the level of service that is required from the market. Customers expect the best service, for instance changes should be implemented within days and a seamless mobile experience is expected.

These trends have a huge impact on the way organizations look at IT. Instead of IT being a cost driver, it is now a way to differentiate yourself from competition. Manufacturers need a flexible layer on top of core systems such as Siemens Teamcenter and SAP to allow them to quickly adapt to market changes. Furthermore, they need advanced technologies such as the Siemens Industrial IoT platform Mindsphere to deal with the vast amount of data coming from modern production facilities and equipment. TimeSeries uses Mendix as a layer on top of Teamcenter, Mindsphere and ERP systems such as SAP, to address challenges like speed, lack of IT resources and customer experiences. With Mendix, we develop custom solutions tailored to  customer specific processes which differentiates them from their competitors.

The Manufacturing Suite contains several app templates which enable our customers to save time, improve their Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE), increase revenue and even create whole new revenue streams.