Employee Shift Rostering

Save time and money by automatically planning your valuable resources.

Employee Shift Rostering

In production facilities, production line operators play a crucial role in the efficient operation of production lines. Therefore, employees need to work in shifts to guarantee the needed capacity.

Taking into account different variables

The planning department needs to take all kinds of variables into account. Employees have preferred working days and days on which they rather not work. Some might prefer to work night shifts, but you can not simply schedule those employees on every night shift, because you need to be compliant with laws and regulations regarding working hours. Now and then, employees will call in sick which can cause a lot of last-minute changes in rosters. You want to plan as efficiently as possible which is very time consuming having to take all these variables into account. Besides, manual planning will always be error prone and time consuming.

Using Artificial Intelligence to automatically create a shift roster

TimeSeries has developed an Employee Shift Rostering template which is based on our Automated Planning engine. The engine uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically plan employee shifts as optimal as possible. You can insert as many business rules as you desire to create the most optimal roster for your production facility. The template allows your planning department to manually update the roster when this is necessary; manual overrides are possible. Automatically creating a planning for your production facility results in less time being spent on creating rosters, higher productivity and an increase in employee satisfaction due to less changes in their rosters. As the template is able to take the cost of a roster into consideration, looking at hourly rates and the cost of overtime, the total cost of doing shift work decreases. 


Watch the video below for a demonstration of our Employee Shift Rostering template.

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Employee Shift Rostering