Remote Monitoring

Increase revenue and operational efficiency by monitoring sold products and equipment on the shop floor in real time.

Remote Monitoring

Because of the rise of IoT technology, nowadays almost all assets are equipped with a sensor, which makes it possible to monitor the status of any physical asset in real time. This can be used to both monitor production lines on the shop floor as well as machines out in the field. These real time insights can be used for many different purposes, ranging from status and progress reports to live steering and feedback cycles for performance optimization. It can also be used to implement completely new business models, such as paying for vertical transportation instead of buying an elevator.

TimeSeries uses IoT technology such as MindSphere for numerous customers, keeping track of the state of equipment such as elevators, ShoreTension dynamic mooring systems and cranes.


Watch the video below to see how we applied the Remote Monitoring template at KRVE Rotterdam Boatmen.

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Remote Monitoring