Smart Warehousing

Reduce seek times and improve overall operational efficiency by keeping track of the location of tools, parts and materials on the shop floor and in warehouses.

Smart Warehousing

When managing a large factory or production facility, many things such as tools and materials are temporarily stored before being used. These objects are often misplaced various times before they are being utilized during the production process. Often it is also not clear what the status of these objects is, for instance for maintenance or certification audits.

QR codes, barcodes and RFID

The Smart Warehousing template uses QR, barcode and RFID technologies to track the placement of items in realtime. This application can be used with any device to scan objects, ranging from mobile devices to industrial scanners. It also contains workflows to manage the state of the items and visualizes their location on a map. Integrations with SAP and other ERP systems can be used to update inventory. By using this application seek times are reduced and inventory will always be up to date.

Charts & KPIs

As a manager or planner, you will always be up to date on the location and progress of your valuable assets. Because of a dashboard with charts and key performance indicators (KPI) you will always be aware of when to act. Charts and KPIs can be generated based on the information that is valuable to you as an organization. It is also possible to generate reports of all the data in the application or seamlessly integrate with a business intelligence (BI) solution. 


Watch the demo below for a demonstration of our Smart Warehousing template.

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Smart Warehousing