Carry out inspections on board, syncing them to TeamCenter later. Optionally include integration with noise and vibration measurement devices.


During the construction or re-fitting of a ship, many inspections are carried out for a variety of purposes. With the Inspections app the amount of paper used during an inspection is drastically reduced while the need for entering data and calculating statistics using Excel is made redundant. 

Offline functionality in Inspections app

By using the Offline Deck viewer the app enables the employees of a shipyard to precisely point an item on the ship without the need of an active internet connection. Based on the role of the employee this allows him/her to add all different kinds of data with regards to the inspection and automatically link this to a location on the ship. During this phase it is even possible for the employees to run real-time analytics on the inspection, giving them the necessary info they need to continue with their inspection.


When the application regains an active internet connection, the data is synchronised back to an online environment allowing it to push or synchronise the data with another system like Siemens TeamCenter.

Hardware extensions

The Inspections app is not just limited to the use of a tablet but can also be enriched with a variety of hardware extensions. One example of this is the functionality to connect a paint thickness meter through Bluetooth to the app making the effort of entering data even less.

Other examples are the integration of noise and vibration measurement devices.

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