Predictive Maintenance

Monitor the performance of a ship and determine when maintenance of specific components is needed.

Predictive Maintenance

When moving from engineering and building ships into the maintenance and services domain it is imperative to understand how ships are being used. Nowadays IoT data can be used to create real time insight into the current state of numerous individual parts of the ship. The data can be used to proactively schedule field service engineers and provide them with relevant information about the parts of the ship.

This technology can also be used to monitor fixed installation in shipyards and ports. For example: we have built an application for the ShoreTension mooring system in order to ensure safe mooring of ships in harbors across the world. The system provides real time alerting allowing ShoreTension personnel to quickly react to specific situations.


Watch the video below for a demonstration of our Predictive Maintenance template.

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Predictive Maintenance