Transmittal Process

Improve communication between subcontracts, suppliers and the yard, lowering the risk of outdated documentation being used.

Transmittal Process

These days, a ship is not just built by one company. Usually multiple subcontractors are hired to construct different parts of the ship. From cutting the steel to fitting rooms and constructing the ships engines, there are many handovers and components that are not originating from the shipyard. A lot of paperwork is involved in the handover of the different components. Technical drawings, maintenance instructions and contracts are just a part of the needed paperwork to handover a component. This process can be error prone and can take a lot of time.

Streamlining the process

To make this more efficient the Transmittal Process app will streamline this process by creating a standardized portal where documents can be exchanged between the responsible parties. By creating a review system, the communication between those parties can be kept at one place instead of exchanging feedback and documents through the different types of communication currently used. The use of this app will increase efficiency in the communication process and lowers the risk of using outdated documentation.

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    Transmittal Process