TimeSeries expands partnership with Siemens and launches industry-specific low-code app templates

IT and business transformation leaders in Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities and Marine are now able to leverage industry-specific templates with low-code quick starts.

TimeSeries industry templates

DENVER, July 15th 2020 – TimeSeries, the Smart App Company, announced the launch of industry-specific app templates and that it is expanding its partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software to include MindSphere®, the Industrial IoT-as-a-Service solution from Siemens. These announcements provide IT and business transformation leaders with a richer set of industry-specific solutions.

Last year, the rapidly growing company announced the concept of a Smart App Suite to offer the market a menu of cross-industry, use case-based application templates, including Predictive Maintenance, Intelligent Insight, Field Service Planning and Smart Warehousing. With more than 100 global customers, ranging from Global Fortune 500s to innovative mid-market enterprises, TimeSeries covers a broad spectrum of industries, including Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Marine. TimeSeries is uniquely positioned due to the combination of its industry-specific knowledge with over 250 years of accumulated Mendix™ software experience along with technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data.

Industry templates

The success of the cross-industry Smart App Suite led to expanding the company’s portfolio with the launch of the following industry-specific suites.

  • Marine Suite, including templates for Inclination Testing and Issue Management 
  • Life Sciences Suite, including templates for UDI Submissions and Employee Shift Rostering
  • Manufacturing Suite, including templates for Remote Monitoring and Parts Replacements
  • Energy Suite, including templates for Smart Metering and Field Service Planning

As Jethro Borsje, CTO at TimeSeries, highlights, “We are using our domain knowledge and Mendix expertise to create industry-specific, low-code application templates. These templates capture industry best practices and solve repeatable problems while at the same time being customizable to perfectly fit our customers’ business processes. By combining these templates in suites for industries such as Marine and Energy & Utilities, we accelerate digital transformation in these verticals.”

Mendix: low-code application development platform

TimeSeries supports organizations with the adoption of Mendix, Siemens’ low-code application development platform for building, deploying and managing cloud-native enterprise apps, by starting with the end goal in mind. Organizations typically start with one initiative that can use an existing template or a new app delivered via building blocks and widgets. After initial success, the customer works with TimeSeries to apply and expand the collaboration, often throughout the organization. TimeSeries accelerates successful Mendix platform adoption and customers’ return on investment via the following four pillars:

  1. Low-code Templates: cross-industry and industry-specific Mendix-based templates
  2. Mendix Accelerators: reusable components and building blocks (e.g., Audit Trailing, Smart Search, RFID hardware integrations)
  3. Expert Services: Smart App Delivery Services to use a la carte. Examples are app delivery services built with Mendix, quick scans (i.e., app performance and health scans), TimeSeries University, Innovation Center or workshops
  4. Smart App Factory: a proven and tailored program for enterprises to set up their own Centers of Excellence of low-code and smart apps. This goes far beyond co-delivery of apps and includes optimizing app ideation, governance, architecture, DevOps and measuring value and progress of this program. It’s the glue and guidance between all the different aspects of successful adoption and roll out of innovative technologies.

Expansion of Siemens partnership

TimeSeries also recently expanded its partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software and its MindSphere Industrial IoT-as-a-Service solution. TimeSeries has added MindSphere to its solution portfolio to accelerate digital transformation in manufacturing. MindSphere integrates IoT data with transactional data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, such as from SAP, and product data from product lifecycle management (PLM) systems, such as Siemens’ Teamcenter® portfolio. 

Vincent de la Mar, Chief Sales Officer at TimeSeries, has been involved with Mendix low-code solutions since 2008. He has been at the forefront in helping TimeSeries to fully understand customer challenges and possible solutions using innovative technologies including IoT. “Our industry is constantly evolving. I’d argue that in this next phase, the true value of low-code platforms shifts towards its long tail of (smart) app templates and its related content, such as building blocks and widgets created using Mendix that we call Accelerators,” he said. “It has become very important to offer unique value to the customer via templates and quick starts that resonate with specific domains and industries. Our services and solutions built with Mendix and MindSphere are doing exactly that.”

Del Costy, Senior Vice President and Managing Director Americas at Siemens Digital Industries Software, commented, “We are delighted to expand the longtime Siemens partnership with TimeSeries beyond Mendix to include MindSphere. TimeSeries’ industry-specific templates along with their industry expertise can rapidly provide our joint customers with complete solutions tailored to their needs that take advantage of innovative technologies such as low-code, IIoT, Big Data, and AI.”

About TimeSeries

TimeSeries is the #1 Smart App Company and your partner to Make Your Business Smarter with disruptive technologies such IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and low-code. To provide results quickly, we offer industry-specific app templates, Mendix-based accelerators, expert services and a Smart App Factory. Over 100 enterprises across the globe use TimeSeries’ solutions and services to increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and lower risk with unique smart applications. TimeSeries is growing rapidly with several offices in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany. Join the TimeSeries community on LinkedInand YouTube. Let us Make Your Business Smarter!

July 15, 2020
Miranda Veldhuis