TimeSeries Mendix Accelerators – Making low-code adoption easy

Customers of TimeSeries naturally expect us to deliver great Mendix-based applications that perfectly deliver to their business needs. They want secure, high quality apps to be delivered on time and on budget and put into production as quickly as possible. At TimeSeries, one way we do this is by not ‘reinventing the wheel’ when it comes to creating every element of every new application.

Mendix accelerators

Software development leaders everywhere are familiar with the fact that when building new applications, not every bit of functionality needs to be invented from scratch. Teams can often download and use pre-built and configurable components.

As such, and in the world of Siemens Mendix low-code platform development, we’ve built a whole range of re-usable, high quality building blocks. We’ve called them “Mendix Accelerators.” 

We use our accelerators on customers’ projects when appropriate. They are also available for third party Mendix developers to download and use. By speeding development, they reduce time to market; often by weeks and sometimes months. They are a proven technology, with many having been used across tens, even hundreds of application development projects. 

Great news for TimeSeries Customers

Our Mendix Accelerators cover functionality that’s frequently asked for by our customers. They bring a lot of added value as ready-to-use components for Mendix projects. They are easy to implement, and include well designed user interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs) that make even complex integrations easy. They save a customer the time (and fees) of days or even weeks of development work.

Some of our customers have said that our accelerators influenced their choice of TimeSeries over other low-code development partners. Customers say there’s more to this thinking than the individual worth our accelerators bring to their projects; that our accelerators (as well as our pre-built low-code application industry templates) add credibility to the skills and commitment of the TimeSeries development team. If you ask me, our developers are amazing. They are highly competent, experienced experts. Ranging from front end Javascript to backend Java developers, they can build almost anything!

Types of Accelerators

If you visit our Mendix Accelerators web page, you’ll see we currently offer twenty-plus of these clever building blocks. They include Mendix Modules, Widgets, UI components and integrations. Some come free of charge, while others (typically the more complex ones we’ve developed) carry a licence fee.

There are next-level experiences such as enabling easy integration with WhatsApp, as well as passport and ID scanning functionality, and ‘live-person’ / ‘are you human’ checks. There are also visualization capabilities such as a planner widget and an advanced data grid. And there are accelerators too for data processing and for hardware integrations such as with RFID scanners and label printers.  

We publish new accelerators regularly. All are actively maintained by developers within TimeSeries and we regularly provide updates. 

Popular examples. Beautiful things!

If you’re a project customer of TimeSeries, then we’re probably already leveraging our accelerators in our developments for you. Or perhaps you’re a Mendix developer yourself who is eager to deliver a great application and would value using a TimeSeries accelerator in your build. In any event, do read on and maybe take a look at a couple examples. I think you’ll agree that Mendix Accelerators are truly beautiful – in concept, design and value-add!

Where to download TimeSeries Accelerators

As I mentioned earlier, our accelerators are not just for our own developers’ use. All are also available to our customers to use with their own Mendix teams and 3rd party Mendix developers can also download them.

See here for our complete set of Mendix Accelerators. Here, you’ll see that some are available free via a link we’ve provided to the Mendix App Store / Mendix Marketplace. Where no link is provided, these are only available directly from TimeSeries. Email us at info@timeseries.com.

To give you a flavour of the twenty-plus accelerators we offer, I’ve described below some of our most popular ones. If you make use of any yourself, do provide feedback. It’s much appreciated.

Five examples of TimeSeries Mendix Accelerators

QR Scanner

Run a QR scanner based on the webcam of a laptop or camera of a mobile phone. A popular accelerator when building apps with our manufacturing and logistics customers!

Hardware Integrations

It’s common to want to integrate printers, RFID and label scanners and other hardware into a Mendix-built application. But developing such integrations can be extremely complex and require a great deal of time and specialist expertise. Use one of our accelerators instead!

Offline Interactive Map Support

Create and load maps and add your own coordinate system. Customers have used this accelerator for creating ship, factory and building/shop-floor plans. You might want to then show machines, pipes, components, electrical systems and other facilities for example, along with their precise location. There are interactive features for employees to report issues that then create workflows, say for an inspection or repair. It can be used offline. A user could perform an inspection of a facility and with this app on a tablet for example, could mark the location of objects for attention. The data could then later be uploaded to the Cloud, say for access by a works management system. See this demo video.

Planner Widget Visualization

Display resources and their events in a planner. Drag & drop to create / edit events. This accelerator is often used in the build of resource planning applications, whether for staff rostering, field service planning, managing machine and tool utilization or monitoring and managing production lines.

Advanced Data Grid

This very popular accelerator allows an application developer to offer users a view of complex data sets in an advanced data grid. It’s feature rich when compared with the default table offered within Mendix itself. With our Advanced Data Grid, the user can interact with the data. Supporting features include grouping, inline editing, graph creation, pivot tables, and much more.

Data grid
April 8, 2021
Jethro Borsje