TKW Molding goes live with TimeSeries Paperless Shop Floor Suite

TKW Molding leads the way in the digital transformation of its injection molding manufacturing procedures – in an industry where although quality and efficiency are essential, standard operating procedures are too often stored just in people’s heads.

TKW Molding

Munich, Germany and Rotterdam, Netherlands, April 9th 2021 – TimeSeries, a specialist in intelligent software solutions based on Mendix, Siemens MindSphere, Big Data, AI, RFID and IoT, announced that German manufacturing company TKW Molding has begun the rollout of the well-proven TimeSeries Paperless Shop Floor™ software suite. 

For TKW Molding, production quality and compliant manufacturing processes are essential to meeting the control requirements of customers, being in the automotive passenger safety and consumer goods industries. Implementing TimeSeries Paperless Shop Floor as an industry cloud based SaaS solution for injection molders, TKW aims to ensure easy access to information for everyone; efficient communication and highly efficient, compliant, always right-first-time precision production. The TimeSeries suite runs on laptops, tablets and phones providing all who need it, from machine operators to senior management, with quick access to approved methods of work. 

“TimeSeries Paperless Shop Floor provides every member of our injection molding team with our customer-agreed and efficient procedures for mold and machine set-up, for start-up and manufacturing, and also allows us to audit for and prove adherence, if required,” said Benito Hinkeldein, managing director at TKW Molding. “Working with TimeSeries as our partner, our digital transformation of shop floor compliance processes continues to be a great success and is progressing at breathtaking speed.” 

Across the wider injection molding industry, production crews are often reliant on snippets of compliance information held in multiple different formats (often on paper, in Excel spreadsheets, data silos or simply in people’s heads). Records are hard to track, are often incomplete and can easily be lost. Injection molders can risk non-compliant manufacturing, scrap and the need for re-work. With TimeSeries Paperless Shop Floor, firms have a scalable, single repository and easy-to-follow guide for teams to check compliance; from mold tryout and validation, to mold change and setup to machine operation, inspection, packaging, storage and delivery logistics. And all via an easy-to-view user interface.

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“At TimeSeries we develop software solutions that bring new efficiencies to common manufacturing industry processes,” said Tilo Schultz, managing director of TimeSeries, Germany. “We are able to deliver customer-specific solutions quickly and cost-effectively because we’ve already built templates covering hundreds of generic process elements and don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every client.”

The first module of the suite, mold tryout and validation, went live at TKW in March, with more components to follow in the coming two months.

TimeSeries Paperless Shop Floor runs in the Cloud (or on premise). Built by TimeSeries in the Mendix low-code development environment (owned by Siemens), the suite offers APIs to legacy IT systems and complies with the latest software design and security expectations. In choosing TimeSeries, manufacturers gain an experienced digital transformation and technology partner, able to support their needs now and into the future across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

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