Visualization Mendix Accelerators

We combined our expert developers to generate reusable building blocks, which we call Mendix Accelerators. These building blocks accelerate your application development. These are high-quality building blocks that have proven themselves in many Mendix applications. Scroll down and see our visualization Mendix accelerators.

Planner Widget Visualisation

  • Display resources and their events in a planner
  • Drag & drop to create / edit events

Advanced Data Grid

  • Persistable Grid Configuration – Save Filters, Groupings, etc
  • Date Part Parsing – Aggregate on Date Parts (Days of the Week, Month, etc)
  • Side Tool Bar, Customizable Status Bar, Column Tool Panel
  • Row Range Selection, Grouping and Aggregation
  • Pivot Mode
  • Export to Excel &Integrated Charts

HTML5 Audio / Video Player

  • Playback of Video or Audio
  • Source can be either URL or Base64.
  • Auto play
  • Hide controls
  • Subscribe to context so the widget will be refreshed on change of URL / Content

PDF Viewer

  • Show PDF inline in your app
  • Offline mobile support
  • Can read from file or Base64
  • Supports zoom-in and zoom-out

SVG Renderer

  • Create incredible UI interface elements within Mendix applications using
    Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Define vector-based graphics in XML format
  • Display SVG as a dynamic image, based on dynamic contents
  • Render SVG, which can contain complex UI elements such as images, everywhere within Mendix layouts
  • Text placeholders in the SVG can be filled in by attributes in your Mendix entities

svg renderer accelerator

XML viewer accelerator

XML Viewer

  • Show pretty printed XML
  • Support syntax highlighting
  • Useful when testing and debugging applications

Hierarchy Viewer

  • Render structures with nested elements
  • Configurable colors
  • Editable via drag and drop
  • Export to PDF and PNG

Mendix Accelerator: Hierarchy Viewer

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    Visualization Mendix Accelerators